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The most worth-while thing is to try to put happiness into the lives of others.


About Us

Thank you for your interest in Troop 181. Our goal is to provide a positive, fun and safe learning environment for Scouts to acquire leadership skills and advance in the Aims of Scouting: Character Development, Citizenship Training and Personal Fitness.

 Troop Organization

We are a medium-sized troop with approximately 65 registered Scouts. Our troop is a combination of new, experienced and senior Scouts. Our Scouts are organized into patrols which function as independent units within the troop. Each patrol is comprised of 8-10 Scouts who elect a new Patrol Leader every six months.

New Scouts are organized into their own patrols. We typically accept two new patrols a year with about 8 Scouts in each patrol. Each new patrol is assigned a Troop Guide who serves as Patrol Leader for the first six months. This provides the patrol members with an example of how to run a patrol as they make the transition to Boy Scouts.

Troop Meetings
Our troop meets on Monday nights from 7:30pm – 9:00pm at Legacy Church (corner of Legacy Dr. and Preston Meadow) in Plano. Meetings are based on a monthly theme and include activities such as theme-related Scout skills and presentations, planning for campouts, patrol competitions and games.

On the Monday following a campout, we have a Patrol Leaders’ Council (PLC) meeting instead of a troop meeting. At these monthly meetings, the Scout leadership team finalizes the plan for the next month and reviews the plan for the following month.

Camping Program
We camp once a month throughout the year at various BSA camps and state parks in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. Our monthly camping activities include canoeing, rock climbing, shooting sports, fishing, horseback riding, motor boating and more.

We attend a week-long summer camp program in June or July and the Circle Ten Council Winter Camp in December. We also attend the annual Northern Lights District Camporee, and have earned “Best Overall Troop” twice in the last four years. Our older Scouts also have the opportunity to experience one or more of BSA’s High Adventure camps.

Our troop has all the equipment necessary for campouts. We have an enclosed tandem-axle trailer, patrol chuck boxes with cooking utensils, tents, propane lanterns and stoves, Dutch ovens as well as other camping gear and supplies. Each Scout needs only to provide his own sleeping bag and other personal camping gear.

Fees and Expenses
The annual Troop 181 registration fee is $80. This fee is used to offset troop equipment maintenance costs and is in additional to the annual Boy Scout registration fee of $24. The troop new scout bundle, which includes an official Troop 181 T-shirt, hat, neckerchief and unit number patch, costs $37.

Monthly campout costs vary based on the activity and are divided among the participants. The average cost of a campout is about $30-35, which includes the camping and activity fees as well as food and gas money.( food will cost $10 and gas will cost $5. The camp will be around the $15-20 range.) Special campouts, such as summer camp, have additional costs.

Our troop conducts several annual fund raising activities, such as popcorn sales, Scout Show and a troop garage sale, to help cover the troop’s ongoing maintenance costs. Scouts share in the proceeds from these activities and can use them to help pay for troop activities such as campouts.

Parent Involvement
Because parent involvement is vital to the success of the troop, we strongly encourage at least one parent to become a Committee Member or Assistant Scoutmaster. The function of the Troop Committee is to conduct the business of the troop. The Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters provide adult assistance with delivering the troop program.

All adult leaders are required to receive basic BSA adult training. Additional training is available for specific leadership positions within the troop.

Parents are welcome to attend troop campouts as long as they have registered with the troop and completed BSA Youth Protection training.

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